Hurricane Sandy: How Truck Drivers Can Find Safe Parking During Tropical Storms

Hurricane Sandy is on the way. As a trucking company, it is important that your truck drivers have safe parking during the tropical storms.

Hurricane Sandy will  be hitting the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Corridors starting today. During this highly publicized storm, your truck drivers need to make driving safety a top priority.

It is your responsibility to make sure all your drivers out on the road have a safe haven for parking in Maryland  during this severe tropical storm.

MMTA members can find safe parking during Hurricane Sandy by using the State Highway Administration’s Emergency truck parking portal here.

The emergency truck parking portal includes a mobile app that can be easily downloaded from any smartphone. The mobile app will help keep your drivers out of harm’s way by helping them locate safe parking nearby rather than struggling to find parking on dangerous ramps and roadsides.

The Maryland Motor Truck Association rather your drivers be safe than sorry. It’s your duty to do your best to keep your hardworking drivers safe. Give them the right information.

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