Driving a Commercial Truck Safely on Winding Roads

Middleton & Meads Winding Roads

Driving a commercial truck safely down winding roads requires more effort and should be done carefully.

Driving a commercial truck comes with a special set of risks due to its size and weight, especially when attached to a trailer and loaded with cargo. There is a reason it requires special training, and you will be trained to handle many different driving conditions and common issues that occur. Winding roads aren’t common for all truck drivers, but a long career means you may run into one eventually, and they can be nerve-wracking even in a four-door sedan. There are some simple steps you can take to make winding roads a lot safer for yourself and other drivers.

Slow Down

One of the best ways to maintain control of your vehicle in any hazardous situation is to slow down. Slowing down offers you more control and gives you a few extra seconds to respond, which can make a huge difference on winding roads or in hazardous conditions such as significant rainfall, blizzards, or icy roads. Winding roads could potentially be compounded by any of these other hazards, among others, so going slowly could mean the difference between a safe traverse or a serious incident.

Don’t Overcorrect

If you do start to veer off the side of the road or have some trouble maintaining perfect control—do not panic, and do not overcorrect. Slamming on your brakes, pulling your steering wheel hard the other way, and other knee-jerk reactions are going to cause more harm than good. The more experience you have, the easier this will get, but you should always try to maintain your calm and let your training guide you back to a steady drive.

Stay Alert

Winding roads often have limited visibility due to all of the twists and turns that are blocked by trees or mountainsides, meaning that any driver on a winding road needs to be on high alert. A problem could arise around any bend, and you will have a short amount of time to react and keep yourself and others safe on the road. Maintain your focus (as you should at all times) and be aware of everything happening around you so you’re as prepared as possible for any problems.

Use High Beams at Night

Night driving is already dangerous as it is, but night driving on winding roads is even more of a hazard and should only be done when absolutely necessary. If you do take a winding road at night, use your high beams for extra visibility while being courteous to other drivers and turning the high beams off when another car is approaching from the opposite lane. Go extra slow and keep your high beams on as much as possible to give yourself the best visibility and be even more alert than usual in case something unexpected comes out of the darkness, such as a deer or other wild animal.


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