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Steps to Avoid Semi-Truck Tire Blowouts

Middleton & Meads Tire Blowouts

Tire blowouts are a serious safety hazard for the truck driver and everyone around them on the road.

Tire blowouts are one the most common perpetrators of semi-truck issues and accidents, so it’s critical to pay close attention to the tires on both your truck and trailer to ensure they’re in good condition. There are a lot of tires to manage once you attach a trailer, but each one should be checked carefully to make sure they’re safe to drive on. A blowout will cost precious time on your delivery, and it’s dangerous for both the truck driver and anyone on the road with them if a blowout does occur.

Check the Pressure

Take the time to check the pressure on every tire between the truck and trailer whenever you hit the road. The appropriate pressure is determined by several factors, so make sure you have a good handle on where it should be. Temperature and load weight, for instance, require some pressure adjustments to ensure the best results. Maintaining the appropriate pressure will ensure that the tires last longer and perform better, even managing to increase gas mileage and provide a more comfortable ride.

Check for Damage

Whenever you do a pressure check, perform double-duty and inspect each tire for significant wear or any damage that could be potentially hazardous. Some things might be easy to handle yourself, but if you spot anything that could lead to a blowout, it’s a good idea to get your semi-truck to a professional mechanic where the tire can be repaired or replaced so you can get back on the road with peace of mind and significantly improved safety.

Avoid Overloading

Overloading a semi-trailer is a big risk that almost guarantees trouble down the road. It can cause mechanical failures, and an overloaded trailer is difficult to control. Overloading the trailer also runs the risk of a tire blowout—the truck is already difficult to control while overloaded, and a blowout only exacerbates the situation, making it incredibly dangerous. With the potential to cause so many dangerous problems, it’s best to simply avoid overloading your semi-trailer.

Drive Cautiously

Nobody can avoid every pothole and bump, but driving while alert and cautious can help keep tires away from big holes and curbs that threaten to damage them. Slowing down and noting the behavior of other drivers can keep you aware of even unseen trouble so you can maneuver your truck around them safely and avoid a tire blowout.


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