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Professional Auto Mechanic: How To Repair Drum Brakes

Saturday, April 13th, 2013

You need to repair your drum brake. What goes into repairing drum brakes?

Before we can answer that question, we have to tell you how drum brakes work.

Drum brakes function from shoes pressing on a spinning surface/ drum.

In most cars the drum brakes are installed on rear wheels. The drum  brakes are very essential to the emergency brake mechanism.

The drum brakes include two brake shoes and a piston. The drum brakes have two kinds of mechanisms – the adjuster mechanism and the emergency brake mechanism.

Drum brakes can only function properly when they are close to the drum but not touching the drum.

When the shoes of the drum brakes wear down, the piston needs more fluid to reduce the distance between the drum and the shoes.

During emergency brake situations, the drum brake design must work as a simple cable actuation mechanism.

If the seals of drum brakes wear down, the emergency break will fail.

To avoid this danger, break seals should be immediately replaced.

Middleton & Meads as a professional auto mechanic can repair your drum breaks.

This is accomplished by lifting the vehicle to examine the drum brake damage at the brake seals.

Next the brake wheel must be removed with a lug wrench and the brake drum must be detached.

Afterwards wheel cylinders are removed and new ones added.

Reattach the break drums and break wheel to complete the repair.

The repair of break drums should always be completed when the vehicle is cool.

For best repairs,hire Middleton  & Meads for drum brake repairs.

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