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3 Benefits of Being a Long-Haul Truck Driver

Middleton & Meads Long-Haul Truck Driver

Being a long-haul truck driver can be a very fulfilling career for the right kind of person—it offers travel and lots of cool experiences!

We recently discussed the benefits of being a regional truck driver. Regional truck drivers are important for keeping local areas stocked up on goods, but what about long-haul truck drivers? Long-haul truck drivers are of critical importance to keeping America running because they transport goods all over the country over long distances. While this work requires longer hours than regional driving, being a long-haul truck driver has its own set of benefits that make it a better fit for some people.

Higher Pay

One of the biggest benefits long-haul truckers have over regional drivers is higher pay. Long-haul trucking requires longer routes that are often more difficult and more prone to problems, and that earns them a higher salary throughout the year. How much a long-haul truck driver makes depends on how many jobs they take on, how long their routes are, and how much experience they have, along with a lot of other factors.

Not only do they have a higher salary, but long-haul truckers also tend to enjoy more benefits than regional truckers (though this also depends on the company you work for, so shop around for the right fit). Health, vision, dental, and other options are available, so you get all of the care you need.


For many long-haul truckers, the benefit they appreciate the most is the opportunity to travel across the continental U.S. Even though you’re on the job, many truckers make time to see the sights and check out popular destinations along their routes or at their destinations. It’s a great way to experience the country and check out everything it has to offer, and you will certainly make a lot of cool memories as you go. This is also a great opportunity for anyone who enjoys taking photos or collecting souvenirs for their family and friends.

Job Security

Another great aspect of being a long-haul truck driver is job security. While the truck driver shortage has made it so that long-haul and regional truckers alike are secure in their career, long-haul truck drivers are harder to come by for most companies. Due to this, you’ll enjoy a secure spot at whatever company you choose to work for. Long-haul truck drivers are an absolute necessity for the transportation of many goods, including food and household necessities. 


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