Learning More About Runaway Truck Ramps

Learning More About Runaway Truck Ramps

Runaway truck ramps are a huge help. When you are a trucker, you need to stay alert.

Runaway truck ramps are a huge help. When you are a trucker, you need to stay alert. This awareness will help you avoid crashes and other accidents in the nick of time. Sometimes, you will need to use a runaway truck ramp, so always be on the lookout for them. When you are in a new town, it could save your life, your truck, and your cargo. 

What Are Runaway Truck Ramps? 

Highways are all over the country. Runaway truck ramps are built along with ones that go downhill. Since every truck is different, different settings for each road is necessary. Downshifting and malfunctioning brakes could be problems, which is why the ramps are built the way that they are. This measure can prevent massive trucking accidents that can also shut down roads and cause havoc and slowdowns in traffic that can last for hours. 

Where to Look for Them

Now that you know what to look for when you need a runaway truck ramp, it’s time to think about where you might find them. If you are based in Maryland, you might not think they are necessary at all. Even so, these highway ramps are dotted from coast to coast. For example, Monteagle Mountain, found in Tennessee, holds one such ramp. It is paired with an inspection station, so if you are passing through, make sure all of your truck’s components are in good working condition.  

Other Places to Look

There are other places to find these ramps, too. Wolf Creek Pass is in Colorado. Look for two ramps that are both on the right side, both of which are meant to help prevent accidents caused by excessive speeds due to gravity. Teton Pass is probably a place you have heard of, out in Wyoming. The ramp is doused with sand that is intended to help truckers slow down as they come down the Pass. stick to the center of the road as best you can to access this ramp safely. Finally, you will come across Mount Rose Highway out in Nevada. Maybe you’ll see it on the way to Reno or Las Vegas after you’ve been everywhere? 


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