Tips for Sleeping Better while On the Road

Tips for Sleeping Better while On the Road

Sleep is a critical part of feeling good.

Sleep is a critical part of feeling good. When you’re a truck driver, you need to rest as often as you can. Here are some tips to follow the next time you hit the open road.


There are actually lots of different accessories and devices that were specifically made to help people sleep. A sleep mask is a comfortable way to block out all light. Earplugs will block most sound. You can also get blackout curtains and hang them around your bed. If you have a smartphone, there are plenty of white noise apps that will provide soothing sounds to help you sleep.

Eat Better

Driving all the time can be exhausting. Getting enough sleep is one way to feel better. Eating a healthy diet and finding some time to exercise can help you as well. Make sure that you can pack your own meals filled with nuts, fruits, and veggies. It’s quick and easy to get your sustenance from truck stops, but although they may be filling, these meals aren’t usually nutritious. Drink as much water as you can. Dehydration can wear you out and make you feel sick, decreasing your ability to concentrate on driving safely.

A huge part of the job is driving and trying to make your drop-offs and pickups on time. This sometimes makes drivers want to hurry and not take time to rest or even get out to stretch. Pushing too hard can tempt you to take up caffeine and other substances designed to give you artificial energy that will run out. The crash that comes once these effects wear off will leave you feeling even more tired than before. Fit some time for exercise in every time you stop to have a meal.

Make a Plan

Making a detailed schedule is one surefire way to succeed. When you’re a truck driver, you need to make a schedule that allows you plenty of time to sleep. A sleep plan allows you to set a bedtime for about the same time every day, allowing your body to settle into a rhythm and pattern that can help you get to sleep and sleep more peacefully once you are asleep.

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