Trucking Industry News: Summer Maintenance Tips for your Truck

Just as truck maintenance is crucial before the frigid winter weather sets in, so too is it crucial before the scorching summer weather takes affect. The typical hot, dry, and humid summer weather here in Maryland causes additional stresses on your truck. This makes spring (NOW!) the perfect time to address truck maintenance.

Summer Truck Maintenance Tips

  1. Cooling System Issues: An estimated 40 percent of downtime is caused by cooling system problems, problems that are 100% preventable. So be sure to perform routine engine maintenance to ensure that your truck is running as efficiently as possible.
  2. Engine Coolant: Your engine coolant should be checked every 500 operating hours, 20,000 miles or three months, whichever comes first. It is important to not only monitor coolant levels, but also color. Coolant that appears cloudy or has particulates floating could be an indication of bigger problems.
  3. Tire Pressure: The most critical factor in tire maintenance is proper inflation. Proper inflation leads to proper contact with the road, which will improve traction and braking capabilities. It will also ensure your tires last longer.
  4. Electrical Systems: Be sure to check the alternator’s wiring, battery, battery cables, and the wiring from the engine’s electrical controls. Make sure everything is in proper working order, wires are not frayed and there are no signs of corrosion.
  5. Middleton & Meads: The Middleton & Meads Corporate Headquarters is located at 1900 South Hanover Street in Baltimore. The over four-acre site contains the 35,000 square foot 37 service bay Mechanical Repair building, and the 15,000 square foot 16 bay Collision Repair Center, along with three acres of secure vehicle storage.

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