Maryland State, DOT, and Chassis Inspections

Middleton & Meads is licensed to perform state inspections on any vehicle we service at our Baltimore location. Middleton & Meads employs multiple state inspectors to help provide correct and efficient inspections.

Middleton & Meads also offers Federal DOT inspections that assist the customer in complying with Federal DOT regulations. DOT inspections are required every 25,000 miles and a minimum of annually. This service may also be performed at each of our locations.

Middleton & Meads is one of only two shops in Maryland that can perform Lift Axle Certifications. We can certify your lift axle and help you avoid any issues with the bridge law. In addition, we can service, replace, or add lift axles as well as their control boxes.

Each vehicle that is brought to Middleton & Meads is given a complete Chassis Inspection that checks over 50 different components of the vehicle. Once the chassis inspection form is completed, Middleton & Meads can provide a complete diagnosis of the heavy duty truck.