How can I keep school buses running during cold temperatures?

Baltimore bus repair services

This week the region experienced life threatening cold temperatures as the polar vortex wind chills set in. Although we all want to stay warm in our cozy homes during these cold days, life goes on.

Students have to go to school and parents have to go to work.

During days when school buses  are not operating because of school closings or mandatory bus repairs,  you need to hire a professional for bus fleet management services. A professional automotive service company will guarantee your bus fleet can properly operate during extreme cold weather like we experienced this week with the polar vortex.

Nationwide bus drivers know cold weather means bus repairs and hefty expenses for bus fleet management services.

School buses need time to really warm up to make sure they bring students safely to and from school. School bus windshields need bus maintenance to make sure school bus drivers have good visibility when the weather brings snow and ice to the region.

With full bus fleet management services, your school buses can have heated mirrors installed to maximize visibility during severe weather.

You can count on Middleton & Meads as your bus fleet manager. Yes,Middleton & Meads can setup good traction for school bus tires. This will give you peace of mind that your school buses are prepared for emergency braking at stop lights, stop signs as well as the highway. To put it simple, Middleton & Meads is here to help you bus drivers become better defensive drivers while preparing your bus fleet for anything the winter throws at your fleet.

Anytime your buses are running sluggish or you have bus problems, we will identify bus solutions for you.

We know how the bitter cold can cause school buses to stop running.

Never again will your bus fleet have to call customers to notify them last minute that school bus services have been canceled because cold weather disabled your fleet. School bus services are available to the community; don’t let them down.

We are always here to handle your bus repairs and overall bus maintenance. We are always here to help you identify the best snow routes for your busy fleet.

Learn more about our Fleet Management today to experience premier bus repair solutions and excellent fleet preventative maintenance this winter.

For more information on effective fleet management, contact Middleton & Meads, call 410-752-5588 or click here today for information.

With three locations to serve you throughout Baltimore, Washington DC and Virginia, Middleton & Meads will keep you “on the road.” Our service professionals are experienced and knowledgeable. That is why companies of all sizes depend on us – day in, day out, mile after mile.

We work with you to provide the solutions to your bus transportation needs!

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