New Home of A1 Driveshaft Specialist


Working together to provide the solutions to your transportation needs.

SolutionsWe can work with you to:

  • Help you schedule your fleet’s preventative maintenance.
  • Minimize costly breakdowns.
  • Increase your fuel efficiency.
  • Decrease downtime for vehicles in your fleet.
  • Diagnose major issues before they become a major problem.
  • Decrease insurance costs.
  • Assist with state and federal regulations.
  • Help guide you through the post-accident process.
  • Customize the appearance of your fleet.
  • Prepare your fleet for seasonal changes.
  • Decrease your tire replacement costs.
  • And much more!

Mechanical Repairs

Brakes, clutches, air dryers, starters, alternators, springs, drive shafts, steering, lighting, check engine lights and air conditioning work are just a few of the mechanical repairs performed at our shop.

Collision Repairs

Complete in house collision repairs of all makes and models of trucks and trailers. Middleton & Meads is a certified shop.