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Company History

PumpThe Middleton & Meads Company has a long and respected history in the transportation industry.

The company roots date back to the latter part of the 19th century as the White–Middleton Gas Engine Company. White-Middleton was a manufacturer of internal combustion engines in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, headquartered in Baltimore MD. The engines the company manufactured could be powered either by natural gas or by gasoline. They were employed for such varied uses as powering riverboats, generating electricity for local power grids, grinding coffee for both industrial coffee processors and coffee shops, and driving submarines.

Today these engines can be seen at the Baltimore Museum of Industry, as well as at the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC.

The Middleton and Meads Gas Engine Company was incorporated in 1911, mainly to provide service and support for the White-Middleton Gas Engines.

The Middleton and Meads Gas Engine Company was replaced in 1917 with The Middleton and Meads Company, as the company focus grew to include truck repair as well as machine shop services.

The Middleton and Meads Company was originally located in a three story building at 11 East Lee Street, Baltimore MD. The ground floor was used to provide service for auto and truck springs, chassis repair, front end and axle service, as well as frame repairs. The second story of the building housed a significant machine shop, where General Machine, Drive Line, and Engine work was completed. Offices were on the third floor of the building.

During World War Two, the primary focus of the Company was directed in support of the War effort. The Machine Shop operated around the clock to manufacture incendiary devices and fuse holders for the US Military. Support of the War Effort was repeated during the Korean War.

As the business grew, so did its footprint. By the mid-1960s, the company incorporated the addresses of 7, 9, 11 and 13 East Lee Street.

In 1970, Middleton and Meads moved its operations to 1900 South Hanover Street, Baltimore MD. This new location included two dedicated buildings on almost four acres of property. General Mechanical repair, Spring Shop, Front End repair, as well as Machine Shop were incorporated in one building. The second building was dedicated to Collision Repair and Painting.

In 2001, the Company opened the Paint Division on Hamburg Street in Baltimore, MD. This location houses two additional large paint booths, as well as a media blast booth.

In 2017, the company sold our property on Hanover St. to make room for the expanding retail/residential market in South Baltimore. We decided to expand our footprints at the Paint Division. We built and remodeled a large portion of the property. Our address will be 1415 Bush St. The move began in April of 2018.

Today, Middleton and Meads continues as a family owned business, specializing in the service of Trucks, Buses, and Emergency Equipment. We provide frame repair, complete suspension and drive train repair, as well as collision work. With 50 employees, our culture is driven around a team atmosphere. We pride ourselves in providing top quality work and being flexible to exceed our customer’s expectations.

“Middleton and Meads is your ONE STOP shop for ALL your Vehicle’s NEEDS”