Thin-Oil for Truck Fleets

It is no secret that oil is essential in keeping your truck fleet running. Over the past few years, many truck fleets have felt the strain of increasing fuel and oil prices in order to keep their fleets running. When the strain becomes too much, some hope to turn to thin-oil.

Thin-oil is a new type of oil that uses a lower-viscosity formula to improve the flow within the engine systems.  Thin-oil helps trucks reduce the types and amounts of emissions they release while also helping them to become more fuel efficient.


Thin-oil is still not available for full use. Tests are continuously being conducted to ensure the thin-oil can handle high speeds and prevent the metals from scraping during travel. Because the oil is thinner, it runs the risk of failing to properly lubricate the parts of your truck. While many are hoping the fuel will be ready next year, thin-oil is expected to be ready by 2017.

If your truck fleet can’t wait until thin-oil is available, consider other options. Technology is being developed that allows trucks to use natural gas and diesel fuel more efficiently and effectively. If you have questions about the fuel you are using for your truck fleet, discuss your options with your maintenance team.

At Middleton & Meads, we are ready to help maintain and repair your truck fleet during your season. While many accidents can be prevented, we know that others are unavoidable. We specialize in the following repair and maintenance services:


  1. Frame Straightening
  2. Panel and Component Replacement
  3. Cab and Body Replacement
  4. Complete Truck Collision Repairs
  5. Custom Truck Paints
  6. Dent/Scratch Truck Repairs
  7. Window-shield Replacement


If you feel your business could benefit from Middleton & Meads’ Fleet Management service or if you have any questions, please contact Middleton & Meads by calling 410-752-5588 or click here today!

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