The Best Fleet Management Solutions

Are you new to the fleet industry? If you are new, it is time to get familiar with the best fleet management practices.
What happens in modern fleet operations?
Predominately modern fleet operations are focused on external suppliers.
Vehicles are sourced and supplier relationships are made top priorities.
When your fleet management is outsourced, it is important that engagement with suppliers remains.
This engagement with suppliers is crucial because day to day fleet management cannot be successful  without supplier engagement.
Fleet management includes carrying out supplier audits and reviewing and processing KPI’s.
Top fleet management should support fleet policy and understand the company’s overall company strategy.
Here are some best fleet management practices:
  1. GPS tracking to monitor multiple assets.
  2. Hire safe drivers. These are drivers that drive the speed limit, safely change lanes, signal and follow other traffic laws.
  3. Have a good fleet manager that is comfortable working in fast paced, high stress environments. The fleet manager should collect and store all vehicle data and driver data.
Maintain a competitive edge in the fleet business and develop your fleet management with Middleton & Meads Baltimore fleet management solutions.
We will provide you with technology solutions that locate the route of your fleet, the original route of the fleet as well as time halts/place halts and speed of fleet, fuel usage.

Learn about the Middleton & Meads’ fleet management.

Let us manage and monitor your fleet as you run your business.
Middleton & Meads offers a state of the art Fleet Management System to help maintain your fleet. Allow Middleton & Meads to customize a plan to minimize costly breakdowns. From cost reports to scheduling notifications, the Middleton & Meads Fleet Management System can help track your vehicle’s maintenance history as well as the costs to maintain your fleet.

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