I-95 Toll Lanes Price Approved for Maryland

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Good news and bad news for truck drivers. I-95 toll lanes price are hefty and approved by the Maryland Transportation Authority Board.

The price truck drivers will be subjected to will all depend on the time of day and the type of vehicle they are operating when they pass through the I-95 toll lanes.

To give you some perspective,  a standard car passing through the I-95 toll lanes  would pay during peak hours, at the most, 35 cents  per mile.

I-95 toll lanes stretch 7-miles.

It’s expected that the average commuter will pay  at least $5 during rush hour  to go through the toll lanes.

The I-95 toll lanes will open in 2014. The toll lanes will be located between Interstate 95 east and north of Baltimore.

On a positive note, the I-95 toll lanes will make commuting quicker and better for drivers willing to pay the price.

Peak hours will range between 25 and 35 cents per mile for toll lane expense.

Residents of Maryland have the opportunity to give their thoughts about the cost to the Maryland Transportation Authority Board util November 4th, 2013.

The final vote for the price hike will be December 12th, 2013.

The State of Maryland constructed the tolls to  reduce congestion.

State Officials such as MdTA Acting Executive Security  Bruce Gartner expects  178,000 drivers will use the I-95 toll lanes weekly for the work commute.

The  four I-95 toll lanes are completely electronic lanes. Drivers using the toll lanes will need to purchase an E-ZPass.

Anyone using the toll lanes without an E-ZPass will have a citation sent to them and be required to pay a fee for the driving violation.

Large tractor trailers will pay the most expensive fees to use the I-95  toll lanes.

Maryland is considering making all toll lanes in the state electronic toll lanes as more and more drivers start to use E-ZPass.

Purchasing an E-ZPass saves time and money by reducing your time stuck in traffic. As long as you have the appropriate registration information connected to your E-ZPass, you cannot go wrong with your E-ZPass as you go through toll lanes.

Your E-ZPass will also inform you when you have a low balance to make sure you are good to go on the road. You can have your E-ZPass add more funds by providing your credit card information to automatically withdraw when funds are low. Your account statements will help you monitor your fleet activity and keep you within your budget.

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