Construction Equals Traffic for I-95

I-95Trucks and other vehicles that count on I-95 as their main highway to reach their destinations are in for an abrupt halt come Sunday, March 29th. Starting Sunday, construction will begin once again for a 4.4 mile portion of I-95 that will conclude a two year project for the highway. The $60 million project on the interstate is predicted to bring serious traffic jams and a number of headaches for commuters during high traffic hours.

As many commuters within the area can recall, the construction that took place last year included 13 pattern changes for traffic, which was the cause for several major jams between Caton Avenue and the Fort McHenry Tunnel. However, this year, Maryland Transportation Secretary Pete Rahn is telling drivers to expect much worse. This is because this portion of the project will include 29 different shits that will overlap and change almost weekly.

The construction on I-95 is predicted to last up until Thanksgiving, which is plenty of time to cause havoc for commuters. It is recommended that drivers avoid using the portion of I-95 between the hours of 7-9 in the morning and 4-7 during the evening. For those who can’t use public transportation or telecommuting, it is recommended to leave in enough time to account for traffic backup.

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