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How should you prepare your bus fleet for winter driving?

Friday, December 6th, 2013

Baltimore Bus maintenance services

By the end of the week or early next week, we can expect to see our first winter storm. How will you prepare your bus fleet for the winter weather? If you haven’t thought out a plan, you still have time to get your bus fleet in shape with bus solutions and repairs.

Before severe winter weather sets in, it’s essential to your bus fleet to have braking systems inspected and repaired to prevent bus collisions. Preventing bus driving accidents means training your bus drivers on driver safety for winter and keeping up with bus maintenance and solutions throughout the winter months.

You can start training your bus drivers on how to drive in winter weather by having the most experienced bus drivers work train beginner bus drivers on how to drive on icy and snowy roads. Your more experienced bus drivers should also map out safer, alternate routes for winter weather driving to lower the risks of bus collisions for your entire fleet.

To maintain a healthy bus fleet for winter, you should have a professional mechanic winter proof your entire bus fleet. A professional mechanic from Middleton & Meads can equip your entire bus fleet with bus solutions that effectively help your buses maintain traction on road, including the slickest road surfaces. Our professional mechanics will provide your bus fleet with window treatments to protect your buses from fog and ice accumulation throughout the winter. Having clear windshields and door windows are crucial to bus driving safety. Yes, that includes us replacing inadequate wipers for your buses when required. We can even install chains to the wheels of your bus fleet to provide better traction.

You can count on Middleton & Meads mechanics to fully assess your bus safety through inspections and repairs, no matter how old or new your bus fleet may be. Teach your bus drivers to drive defensively and we will handle the rest – Mechanical Repairs, Collision Repairs and overall Fleet Management services.

For more information on effective fleet management, contact Middleton & Meads, call 410-752-5588 or click here today for information.

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