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How Truck Maintenance prevents costly truck accidents

Monday, July 29th, 2013

An accident can happen any time you go behind the wheel of your truck. It’s important to know how to keep your truck in the best condition for driving and be familiar with the laws of the state.

As of July 9, Maryland’s highest court upholds the contributory negligence standard.

How does the Contributory Negligence Standard affect you?

Any time a civil suit comes through Maryland’s Court of Appeals, plaintiffs cannot receive compensation if the court can partly blame them for their injuries under contributory negligence laws.

The MMTA supports the upholding of the contributory negligence.

Before the contributory negligence was upheld, the legislature had to make decisions on whether to pass the comparative negligence fault system into law.

If the comparative negligence fault system went into law, it would allow parties involved in any type of accident to take some level of responsibility for the accident. It would also allow plaintiffs to collect money if the majority of the blame went to the defendant.

Middleton & Meads Co. can help you stay on the road and stay out of trouble with our truck solutions.

Middleton & Meads Co. truck solutions include:

  • Fleet preventative maintenance
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Reduced downtime for any truck maintenance needs
  • Truck diagnose for any minor issues before they become major issues
  • Reduced tire replacement costs
  • Mechanical Repairs including brake repairs, clutch repairs, starters, alternators and air conditioning
  • Collision Repairs

The better maintenance for your truck, the lower your risk are for being in a costly accident.

Here at Middleton & Meads we are dedicated to being safe on purpose. What does safe on purpose mean?

It means that we take a proactive approach for truck repair solutions. Learn our entire safe on purpose requirements now.

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