5 Ways To Save Fuel

Fuel savings

Check out a few easy ways you can save fuel.

Everyone wants to save on their cost of fuel, and it seems to be harder and harder to actually implement efforts to do so. Here are some tips that anyone, but especially truckers can use to save on fuel costs.

Use An Idle Shutdown Timer

Idle shutdown timers can help people save fuel costs. Typically used by larger fleets, they have their disadvantages in terms of driver comfort. However, the sophistication in technology has allowed products to be manufactured such as IdleSmart, that will shut down the engine until it reaches a certain pre-set temperature, then running the engine for a few minutes to keep the sleeper warm or cool and recharge the batteries.

Apply An Auxiliary Power Unit

There are a variety of auxiliary power units out on the market today. Some are fired by diesel, others by battery. You can get these units from truck makers, refrigeration makers, and other manufacturing companies, making it easy to access.

Avoid Keeping The Cab Cool Or Warm When You Are Gone

When you park for a lunch or rest break, try to turn off the engine. When you climb back in, restart the engine, turn the HVAC on, and then go ahead and do an inspection of the cab. Once you manage to get back, the cab will be comfortable again.

Save Batteries For Hotel Loads

Advanced glass mat batteries, or deep cycle batteries, are the best to use for hotel loads. They have the possibility of wearing out prematurely when used as starting batteries. So you may want to consider switching from lead-acid batteries to ultra-capacitor starting systems, and simply saving the AGM batteries for hotel loads.

Turn Off The Engine Whenever Possible

Allowing the engine to run for more than ten seconds without any movement can be costly since more fuel is being used than it typically takes to restart the engine.

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