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Maryland Decides to Not End Cash Toll at Hatem Bridge

Friday, March 7th, 2014

In the trucking industry, we are use to paying tolls nearly every day. If you are trying to keep up with the number of tolls in Maryland, here’s one to book. The state of Maryland has decided not to end the cash toll at Hatem Bridge for now, according to the Harford County Legislator.

Why is the state of Maryland not ending the cash toll at Hatem Bridge?

The Harford County Legislator says it’s related to the all-electric plan requiring more research.
Where is the Hatem Bridge located?

The Hatem Bridge cash toll is located at the Route 40 Thomas Hatem Bridge. The Maryland Transportation Authority says the Hatem Bridge cash toll will remain open for at least the next two years (2015-2016). The state hopes this will help the Maryland Transportation Authority better accommodate Harford and Cecil county citizens and businesses.

On Thursday the Maryland House of Delegates passed the bill that requies the Maryland Transporation Authority to stuay the all-electric toll specifically at the Hatem Bridge cash toll and other major toll facilities in Maryland. Further research is being conducted to prevent drivers from being penalized if they do not currently have an E-ZPass for tolls.

Only for the next few years will those driving through the Hatem Bridge toll have a lane with a cash toll option. If you are a regular commercial driver in Maryland, you need to start using an E-ZPass as soon as possible.

The Hatem Bridge is the quickest way to cross the Susquehanna River. The alternative way is the Millard Tydings Bridge on 1-95. Residents in the area are not looking forward to using the all-electronic tolls of E-ZPass because a round trip cost using the E-ZPass for 2-axle vehicle will cost nearly $12. The current cash toll for a round trip is only $8 for 2-axle vehicle.

At the end of the day, truck drivers will experience higher electronic tolls, with nearly a 50% increase.

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