Month: March 2019

Self-Driving Trucks and the Future of the Trucking Industry

Once upon a time we lumped self-driving cars in with flying cars as futuristic stuff we’d probably never see, but

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Reducing Fatigue on the Road

Driving for a long time can cause you to get tired. Unfortunately, driving while fatigued is not a sign of

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Purchasing a Truck: To Buy Brand New or Used?

Buying a new truck is a significant investment. As a trucker, your truck is your livelihood. When you start shopping, the first

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Tips for Driving a Truck through a City Safely

Do you know where you’re going next? Most of the time, your next destination is going to be inside a

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How to Stay Awake During a Long Haul

Driving when you’re tired is never a good idea. When you’re a truck driver, you’re spending many hours of your

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