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Environmental Responsibilities

Middleton & Meads believes in protecting our environment. We take the following precautions to keep our surrounding environment safe:

  • Our used oil is recycled and used to heat our shops in the winter.
  • We utilize three environmentally safe used oil heaters.
  • The used antifreeze generated during our repairs is recycled by an EPA approved vendor.
  • Our paint booths are EPA approved.
  • We have scheduled routine maintenance on our A/C equipment.
  • MAC A/C certifications are held by the company.
  • A minimum “engine run” policy is enforced.
  • Our painters have converted from aerosol spray-on primer to a roll on primer.
  • The recently purchased air compressor for our main shop is more energy efficient.
  • Obtained an Underground Storage Tank, Certificate of Registration Closure from the Maryland Department of the Environment.
  • Compliant with Maryland Department of the Environment drain closure requests.
  • We have certified multiple painters to the 2012 EPA codes.
  • The current lighting system in our main shop is being converted to be more energy efficient and safe.
  • Purchased an EPA approved, excess paint recycler.