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Training Program

The truck repair industry is changing with great speed. New technological advances are occurring faster now then at any time in the history of trucking. The only way a truck repair technician can keep pace with these changes is through continuous learning and training. The Middleton & Meads Co. has made the commitment to provide our technicians with the best training possible. We have designed our training program to create a progressive learning path, starting with the basics and continuing on to the most advanced electronic diagnostic and repair procedures.

The training program is divided into 5 parts starting with a qualifying series of 11 topics followed by levels 1,2,3, and 4. Levels 1 through 4 in total contain 55 topics. At the conclusion of each training class there is a quiz that must be passed. In our program, passed means 100% correct because our repairs must be 100% correct. The technician must then demonstrate their ability to perform the trained task to their managers. The levels are designed to correspond with the ASE testing program, so after the completion of the level 2 program our technicians will be prepared to take their first ASE test. After passing the qualifying level the technician will receive a Middleton & Meads Certified Technician patch. As each level is completed more patches will be issued designating the level of achievement earned by each technician. Middleton & Meads is committed to finding the best training material available for our technicians.

Middleton & Meads is proud to lead the Maryland Motor Truck Association’s Maintenance Council. The Maintenance Council provides training and information to fleet managers and first-line supervisors. Our training administrator selects the topics and the speakers for each Maintenance Council meeting, giving us the ability to serve our customers with the best information available.

We are also involved with the Center for Applied Technology North (CAT North), where we help train the technicians of the future. We have done onsite training for the students of CAT North and helped administer a skills challenge.