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Will my Truck Drivers need a Certified Medical Examiner?

Certified Medical Examiners for Truck Drivers

Have you heard news that truck drivers will be required to use a Certified Medical Examiner. It’s true. Starting May 21st 2014, all commercial drivers  must have their medical examinations completed by a Certified Medical Examiner.

What is a Certified Medical Examiner?

It’s an medical examiner listed on the FMCSA’s National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. Currently truck drivers can have their medical exams completed by any type of physician. By May 21st, medical exams can only be completed by physicians that have knowledge about motor vehicle regulations. Medical examiners can be doctors, nurses, or physician assistants( just to name a few).

For a physician to become a Medical Examiner,  he/she must take a training course and  pass the certification test. From there, the physician will have his or her name listed on the National Registry. You can review The National Registry website now.

All Certified Medical Examiners must keep their licenses, training records and other requirements current on the National Registry. The Medical Examiners also need to transmit the monthly  data from the CMV driver exams to the FMCSA ( Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations). This can be done through the National Registry System.

For commercial drivers with expired medical certificates on May 21st or after,  they will need to be re-examined by a certified medical examiner ( listed on the National Registry ).

Certified Medical Examiners must have training every 5 years as well as re-certify themselves every 10 years through the ME certification exam.

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