About Port Of Baltimore Safety For Truck Drivers

Are you a truck driver that frequently goes in and out of the Port of Baltimore?

The Port of Baltimore is a high traffic atmosphere. Over 400,000 containers a year are unloaded with products that are shipped throughout the United States. More than 11 million people come in American ports.

Port of Baltimore processes are complicated even for containers full of truck tires from overseas.

It is important to acknowledge that Port of Baltimore Contractors are not in charge of Port of Baltimore Security.

The Maryland Port Administration provides its own Port of Baltimore Security. Port of Baltimore contractors must follow rules and regulations the Maryland Port Administration enforces – unloading ships, transferring cargo, screening truck drivers and more.

The Port of Baltimore is a waterway to the U.S. economy. Proper Port of Baltimore Security is crucial because a steady stream of trucks hauling containers of valuable goods are at risk of terrorists attacks.

Over two billion tons of domestic and import/export cargo come through 360 commercial sea and river ports every year.

The Port of Baltimore is both a public and private terminal that handles over 22.3 million tons of cargo valued around $30.2 billion.

The Port of Baltimore is number one in the U.S. for imported roll on/ roll off farm and construction equipment.

As a truck driver coming in and out the Port of Baltimore, make sure all is right with your license plate numbers and cargo container numbers.

The Port of Baltimore security program is in place to maintain its excellent loss prevention record and to protect workers such as Truck Drivers at all times. Make sure your TWIC card and any other documentation are up to date. TWIC cards are required to enter the Port of Baltimore.

You will also need to complete Port of Baltimore security awareness training to receive your photo ID badge.

Here are topics Port of Baltimore security awareness training will cover:

  • Preventing Collisions and Automation of Container Handling.
  • Sensor Technology for Boom Collision Prevention.
  • Sensor Technology for Path Way Collision Prevention.
  • Sensor Technology for Anti Truck Lifting
  • And more Truck Solutions.

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