How to slow down the aging of your bus fleet with preventative maintenance

When managing a school bus fleet, it’s important to keep the fleet in the best condition as possible for both cost savings and liability reasons.

One way to keep the bus fleet in good condition is to maintain quality headlights.

Middleton & Meads is the one-stop shop for your bus solutions.

We can assure you that your bus fleet flashing lights are in good condition, that the seating is safe for passengers and window screens are properly installed.

Leather ergonomic seating is the best for navigator seating and passenger seating.

If you want to save on cost, it’s perfectly okay to replace leather seating with fabric seating.

As for protecting the bus fleet from water damage, it’s important to have quality bus windows installed. Middleton & Meads can install all new aluminum tracks for your entire bus fleet to assure all buses have windows that latch and fully close during rainy or snowy days.

Water damage is one of the top reasons bus fleets age quickly.

For extra protection, we recommend installing screens on the bus windows.

Black screens go with just about any type of bus.

Middleton & Meads can also provide bus solutions that help you have a greener and safer bus fleet by reducing pollution emits per mile similar to the way trucks are made to function greener.

Healthier bus fleets reduce the risk of children develop respiratory problems such as asthma.

Asthma affects more than 6.3 million American children a year, making the need for cleaner bus fleets urgent.

You can make your fleet greener with the following services Middleton & Meads provides:


•     Mechanical Repairs

•     Collision Repairs

•     Diagnostic Equipment

•     Fleet Management

•     And much more!

With our bus solutions you will:

•     Have reliable fleet preventative maintenance

•     Lower breakdown costs

•     Better fuel efficiency

•     Reduced tire replacement costs

Learn more about our Fleet Management services today.

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