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Common Truck Accident Causes

Distractions while Driving

Truck driving accidents are common on the road, especially on highways. Highways and major roadways are known for their congestion during certain times of the day. This means that trucking accidents are inevitable. However, there are some causes of trucking accidents that could potentially be avoided. If you are managing a fleet of trucks and truck drivers, be sure your drivers are aware of ways to avoid trucking accidents.

  1. Speed- Speeding is never a smart idea for any drivers, especially truck drivers. Trucks, especially those carrying freight, take longer to stop once the brakes are engaged. If they are traveling at a fast speed, the truck will take even longer to stop.
  2. Distractions- There is a number of scenarios that can occur while on the road. Drivers never know when a car will stop suddenly in front of them, cut in front of them, or possible debris could fly on the road. Because of this, the road needs a driver’s full attention. Removing outside distractions like food, passengers, and the use of cell phones can help drivers stay more focused on the road.
  3. Aggressive Driving- Aggressive driving is never ok, especially coming from a truck driver. The acts of tailgating, brake-checking, speeding, and cutting other vehicles off are sure ways to cause an accident out on the road.
  4. Under the Influence- Drivers should never get behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Impaired coordination, reflexes, and overall motor skills will cause drivers to be extremely dangerous on the road.


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