5 Tips for Staying Awake on Long Hauls

Reducing Fatigue While On the Road
Check out these five important for staying awake for the entire drive.

Sometimes a trip can take longer than a day. Staying awake is the most important part of making it there safely. You need to keep your eyes on the road, and closing your eyes just for a second isn’t a good idea unless you have stopped somewhere safe to get some rest. 

Take Some Naps 

Taking a nap is more beneficial than you might think. Even a power nap for less than an hour can help you feel renewed again. Trucking can be tough and stressful, so self-care is essential. Never forget that none of this could happen without you. Getting tired is natural, especially when you need to sit for a long time. Don’t let the fatigue overwhelm you. Lean into it, but do it in a cautious and careful way.

Eat Better 

While you’re out on the road, it can be hard to stick to a healthy diet. It’s even harder when you have dietary restrictions due to allergic reactions, health conditions, or attempted lifestyle changes. Junk food will only slow you down. Whole grains, complex carbs, fruits, veggies, and leaner meats should be the building blocks of your diet to keep you going longer and with more zest.  

Move Around

Getting plenty of exercise is just as important as everything else. Being sedentary for too long will make your body wear down. That can affect your mind, too. Get the blood pumping again with some timely exercise. Pulling off the road to get some time to stretch or reaching the next rest stop to take a walk are good ideas and can help you get to your next destination. 

Get Fresh Air 

Along those lines, be sure to get some fresh air. It can get stale in your cabin, so open up the winds every now and then. The warmth outside can be a nice change from the cold inside, and likewise, the cold outside can be a refreshing change of pace from the warmth inside.

Turn Up the Sound

Turn up the music! No matter what you listen to when you drive, it can help you improve your mood and energy levels, especially after dealing with difficult customers and stubborn vendors all day.

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