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How Should Truck Drivers Stay Awake

Night.TravelTruck drivers tend to do most of their driving during the evening hours. While most individuals are tucking themselves into their beds, truck drivers are gearing up to head out on the road. However, this can take a toll on the truck driver and cause fatigue. When fatigue sets in, truck drivers can find it difficult to stay away behind the wheel. Here are some tips to consider when staying awake while driving:

  • While coffee can help give the body a boost if you lack a dependency on caffeine, drinking too much can cause your body to crash. For this reason, truck drivers should avoid drinking large amounts of coffee or energy drinks.
  • Consuming large portions of food before getting behind the wheel can also cause truck drivers to become tired. While eating is essential to provide the body with energy while driving, large amounts of food require energy to digest. The more energy used to digest food, the less energy your body will have to drive and focus on the road.
  • If you begin to feel yourself getting tired, pull over if possible and take a small walk. Walking or participating in exercise can help circulate the blood and awaken the body.
  • Consider taking a nap if possible if you feel your body becoming exhausted. Pull over and sleep in your cab if possible safely, or find a motel or hotel to stay at. While a nap may put you behind schedule, it is never worth it to cost your life.

At Middleton & Meads, we are ready to help maintain and repair your truck fleet during your season. While many accidents can be prevented, we know that others are unavoidable. We specialize in the following repair and maintenance services:


  1. Frame Straightening
  2. Panel and Component Replacement
  3. Cab and Body Replacement
  4. Complete Truck Collision Repairs
  5. Custom Truck Paints
  6. Dent/Scratch Truck Repairs
  7. Window-shield Replacement


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