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Staying Awake Tips for Truck Drivers

Night.TravelWhile many of us are used to working normal 9 to 5 jobs, truck drivers are forced to work erratic and long hours. While these hours may be long, they are also typically spent during the evening hours. Because of these schedules, truck drivers are left vulnerable to falling asleep behind the wheel. Here are some tips for truck drivers to remain awake while on the road.

When you begin to drive in the evening, avoid looking at high contrast lights. The major contrast between the contrast light and the darkness of the evening can strain eyes and cause drowsiness. Turn down the dashboard lights of your truck to the point where you can still be able to see properly without straining your eyes.

Truck drivers should never head out onto the road when their emotions are high. A surge in emotion can cause adrenaline to run and then leave, which can leave truck drivers tired. High emotions, whether they are good or bad, can also lead to distractions, which can be just as dangerous as falling asleep behind the wheel.

Truck drivers also have the responsibility to understand how tired their body is getting. Never allow yourself to head out onto the road when you are aware of how tired your body is. Exhaustion can be quite dangerous on the road, and will not only place a driver in harm but other drivers on the road as well.

Keeping your cab temperature low while driving is another great way to keep yourself awake. Warmer temperatures tend to cause drowsiness, which is why you should avoid turning on the heat while driving at night. As you turn down the temperatures, you should also turn down the temperature on your radio. The constant noise can cause your brain to constantly process information, which can lead to drowsiness. However, if you find the silence exhausting, turn on the radio to help wake you up.

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