3 Fuel Efficiency Tips for Truck Drivers

Fuel Prices

By being smart about how you drive your vehicle, you can get the most out of your money, help the environment, and lower your bottom line.

Whether fuel prices are rising or falling, every truck driver is concerned about getting the most out of every last gallon. By being smart about how you drive your vehicle, you can get the most out of your money, help the environment, and lower your bottom line. Here are three excellent fuel efficiency tips for truck drivers that you can start using today.

Pay Attention to Your Speed and Braking

First things first, an easy way to manage your truck’s fuel more efficiently is by paying extra attention to maintaining speed and how you are braking. When your truck accelerates, you use more fuel. If you accelerate rapidly, you use even more fuel than you would normally accelerating. If you maintain a consistent rate of speed, you burn fuel at a more even pace. It is very important to maintain an even speed at the posted speed limit and follow cars at an appropriate distance so that you don’t need to worry about frequently accelerating.


Braking is another important part of fuel efficiency that many truck drivers forget about. If you come to a complete stop, whether it is at a stoplight or stop sign, you burn extra fuel to regain your previous speed. While stoplights and stop signs are non-negotiable, use slow braking techniques to minimize complete stops whenever possible in optional situations, like following cars on a highway or slowing down for increased traffic. Paying more attention to your acceleration and braking means increased fuel efficiency immediately.

Check Your Tires

Tires are another important factor when it comes to proper fuel efficiency. It is especially important to check tire pressure as seasons change from warmer to cooler. If your tires are able to maintain their optimal tire pressure, you greatly improve your truck’s fuel efficiency. Even 3 psi can lower your mileage by 1% or more.

Lower Your Load

Whenever possible, ensure that your truck’s load is distributed low to the ground and evenly. Uneven loads can put extra strain on your vehicle and cause you to use much more fuel than necessary to accelerate or brake.

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