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Semi-Truck Summer Maintenance

Middleton & Meads Semi-Truck Summer Maintenance

Semi-truck summer maintenance is important for ensuring that your truck is ready to go as the hottest months of the year begin.

The weather has warmed nicely, and the beginning of summer is well on its way. Before the hottest months of the year hit, it’s a good idea for truckers to have some important semi-truck summer maintenance done in order to ensure that their vehicle is in peak operating condition and all of the systems that work overtime during the summer season won’t be at risk of failure during a job.

Tire Pressure

Tire blowouts are one of the most common causes of trucking accidents, which is why it’s the responsibility of every truck driver to keep a close eye on their tire pressure. During the summer, the heat from the ambient temperature and the sun-baked asphalt causes tire pressure to rise during your drive. This needs to be taken into account when you are determining the psi your tires should be at before you hit the road. While most truckers will keep their tires around 95 psi for the majority of the year, it’s better to lower the pressure a little in the summer to account for the heat and how it will affect your tire pressure while you’re on the road.

Air Conditioning

As the weather warms up and you start to need some cool air in the cab of your truck to stay comfortable, you should have your air conditioning inspected and maintained by a professional repair shop. They can check for leaks that have gone unnoticed and clear out any debris build-up so you don’t experience an air conditioning failure during one of your drives. It’s best to do this kind of maintenance between jobs so it doesn’t cost you precious time while you’re on the clock (or so you don’t have to suffer without A/C). 


During the summer season, engines rely on coolant to resist overheating. You should have your truck’s coolant system drained, flushed, and pressure tested once a year to ensure that it is fully operational and in peak condition. The best time to do this is at the beginning of summer so that the system is prepped just before it experiences heavy use.

Electrical Systems

A thorough inspection and tune-up of your vehicle’s electrical systems is another critical part of summer maintenance. A professional repair shop will be able to check for battery corrosion and ensure that all of the vehicle’s wiring is well-connected and in good shape. Electrical systems are a central part of what keeps a vehicle running, along with many of its various systems (such as the A/C). So don’t forget to tick this important maintenance off your checklist.


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