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October 1st New Maryland Law Will Force Overweight Trucks To Off Load

October is only a few days away and a New Maryland Law will be in full effect for Truck Drivers. What is this new law? The New Maryland Law revolves around Overweight Vehicles with perishable products.

Starting October 1st, if you are a truck driver carrying an overweight perishable products load, you will automatically be off-loaded.

This change in Maryland law will affect all truck drivers whom exceed the gross vehicle weight limit by more than 5,000 lbs.

Prior to this new Maryland law, overweight vehicles were simply issued a citation rather than being forced to off-load.

Trucks are always more of a hazard when they are overweight and overloaded because the trucks can lose control by making any sudden moves. Here are a few tips on how to prevent overloaded truck accidents:

–      Make sure your commercial truck weight distribution is appropriate. It helps the truck handle itself in a number of circumstances.

–      Know how heavy your load can be, the combined weight of the load and truck and how much weight can each axle endure ( and don’t forget how much weight your truck tires can endure). This will help your truck not be forced to unload at checkpoints and most importantly you can be assured you are safe on the road.

–      Do your best to create distance in front and behind you, so your truck can stop properly and safely when necessary. Too much weight creates an unsafe shift in your load and increases the possibility of you losing control of steering capabilities. Remember big rigs and overloaded trucks are more likely to roll over.

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Source: MMTA’s E-News!- New Maryland Law for Overweight Vehicles with Perishable Products Takes Effect October 1st