3 Types of Trucks You Will See in Your New Fleet

3 Types of Trucks You Will See in Your New Fleet
Taking over as the owner of a trucking company can be a big step in your career.

Taking over as the owner of a trucking company can be a big step in your career. Whether you started from the bottom and worked your way to the top, or earned the trust of the company’s previous owner, one of your first duties will be to overhaul your existing truck fleet. Here is a guide to the trucks you will commonly find out on the road.


The first truck you should include in your fleet is known as the flatbed truck. They are often used to haul freight where the bed can be left open on top. There are also no sides protecting the cargo, which is something you will have to account for if you are worried about property damage. The trailer is flat and leveled off, which means loading and unloading the cargo in the truck isn’t as much of a headache as it can be with other styles of trailer. Larger and heavier items that are too bulky for enclosed spaces are ideal for any flatbed trucks you wish to use. Just be sure to use straps, tarps, or other methods of making sure the cargo won’t slip off the back.


Reefer is the term for a refrigerated truck. The trailers attached to these trucks need to be temperature controlled, and that is where the refrigeration components enter the picture. Grocery stores depend on reefer trucks to help carry anything perishable on long trips across state borders, or in some cases, across the country. Certain pharmaceutical products, chemical supplies, and hazardous materials must be transported in reefers as well. 


Dry vans are going to be the most common truck you include in your fleet. This is because they are the most standard model available. Not only are they the easiest to find, they are also the easiest to maintain. Although you might think of vans as resembling the iconic family transport, these are somewhat different. They are the trucks that carry products for well-known big box stores. Electronics, home goods, and almost anything can be carried in these vans, which are designed to protect their cargo in all types of weather conditions.

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