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Truck Exhaust System Maintenance

Exhaust SystemWhen it comes to truck repairs that are commonly seen, the exhaust system is a major find. The exhaust system of your truck is one of the most important systems of your vehicle, as well as one of the most vulnerable. In order to keep your truck running in proper order, be sure to observe your exhaust system. Consider these tips when dealing with your exhaust system:

  • Be aware of the amount and type of smoke being released from your vehicle. Should the smoke be thick and dark, your exhaust system is probably in need of major maintenance.
  • A rattling noise coming from the underneath of your truck is a major indication of a loose muffler. If your muffler is loose, it is often that your overall exhaust system is in need of maintenance.
  • Check your system for holes and rust regularly. Holes can allow carbon monoxide to seep through into your truck cabin, which could be fatal. Rust could cause your muffler to become loose and break away from your truck.
  • Place the components of your exhaust system away from different elements of your vehicle like the breaks and fuel.
  • Upgrade your exhaust system to a high air flow system. These new systems allow better air circulation and are known to increase the overall function of your truck and exhaust system.


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