Benefits of Automatic Transmission in Your Truck

Benefits of Automatic Transmission in Your Truck

In trucking, the manual transmission is still quite prevalent.

Since the beginning of motorized transportation, drivers have been shifting through gears manually. In trucking, the manual transmission is still quite prevalent. Many states even require new drivers know how to shift correctly before they can even earn their CDL. Because manual shifting can be so difficult to learn and master, the trucking industry has slowly started to shift to the use of automatic transmission. Here are just a couple of the reasons to make the switch.

Improve Your Fuel Efficiency

One of the most important things an automatic transmission can do for your truck is to improve fuel efficiency. Your truck is an extremely large vehicle that weighs several tons when empty. When full of cargo, it’s even heavier. All of that weight requires a significant amount of fuel to move. Historically, the automatic transmission was actually less efficient. However, that technology has improved in leaps and bounds over the years and today’s computerized automatic transmissions have surpassed the manual transmissions of the past. The key to keeping your automatic transmission running as it should is to ensure all maintenance is performed on time.

Less Trouble with the Curve

These days, very few drivers even know how to use a manual transmission. While you do have to do extensive training in order to earn your CDL, the learning curve becomes significantly less steep when there is an automatic transmission in the vehicle. Put simply, shifting through gears can be quite difficult. It’s not an easy skill to learn, and then even once you’ve learned it can take several years to really get it down to a science. With automatic transmission in your truck, you don’t need to worry about shifting gears and you can concentrate on getting your job done quickly and safely.

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