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Easy Truck Maintenance Tips

Truck Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining an entire truck fleet, maintenance is essential. However, keeping up with trucking maintenance can be hard work. When it comes to major repairs and maintenance, trust Middleton & Meads to handle your fleet of trucks. However, there are some simple ways for your drivers to assist in the overall maintenance of your truck fleet. Simple driver maintenance will help your fleet run efficiently while also catching possible damage and problem areas sooner.

  1. Check your engine belt after travel for cracks and damage. Without your engine belt, your truck will not be able to function.
  2. Schedule regular oil changes for your truck. Fresh oil will ensure your truck runs smoothly for longer. This also helps with your truck’s fuel efficiency.
  3. Determine if your air filter is experiencing a clog.
  4. Check all of your lights before travel. This will include your brake lights, head lights, fog lights, turning signals, and tail lights. Your vehicle lights are essential when traveling at night or in poor weather.
  5. Check the tire pressure and tread of your vehicle before travel. This will prevent you from blowing a tire while on the road. This will also help increase your overall fuel efficiency.
  6. Checking your vehicle’s windshield wipers is a subtle way to maintain your vehicle. Your wipers help your visibility while driving in poor weather, which ultimately prevents drivers from having an accident.


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