Figuring Out if Short-Haul Trucking is Right for You

Figuring Out if Short-Haul Trucking is Right for You

As a trucker, you can choose either short-haul or long-haul trucking.

As a trucker, you can choose either short-haul or long-haul trucking. Each career path has its own advantages and disadvantages, and those change based on the personality and preferences of the driver. Ultimately, you have to choose whichever option fits your needs and lifestyle. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of short-haul trucking!

More Time At Home

One of the biggest advantages of short-haul trucking is that you get to spend more time at home. Since you’re just going on shorter trips, it is much easier to return home at the end of the day. Many drivers with families prefer trucking this way because it allows them to spend more time with family.

Can Be Inconsistent

Short-haul trucking ebbs and flows. Sometimes, it’s seasonal. You could have back to back jobs one week and only work every other day the very next week.

Fewer Changes

As a long haul driver, you often spend very little time at home and it requires quite a few lifestyle changes. Since short-haul trucking allows for more home time, it doesn’t require nearly as many changes.

Less Pay Per Job

Truckers get paid by the mile. Shorter trips mean fewer miles and usually less pay per job. You would have to do many more short runs to earn as much as a long haul. If you’re working with a large company as a part of a fleet, this is much less of a problem than for owner-operators.

More Familiar Territory

Since short-haul trucking keeps you closer to home, you get to drive in more familiar places. There’s a lot less planning involved because drivers often have at least some idea where they’re going. It’s a lot easier to just jump in the truck and go when you’re in a more familiar place.

Long Days

Because short-haul trucking involves many short trips throughout the day as opposed to a single trip that takes a few days, a short-haul driver may start very early in the morning and not be done until late at night. After a while, the long days start to take their toll.


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