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Is a Trucking Career Right for You?

Middleton & Meads Trucking Career

A trucking career can provide many benefits and be highly rewarding, but it’s not the right choice for everyone.

There is currently a shortage of truck drivers in the U.S. This shortage has the potential to be an excellent employment opportunity for many people, and if you’re considering it, then you might be wondering—is a trucking career right for me? It’s not always an easy question to answer, and it’s a good idea to do your research and know what to expect when living as a trucker before you take the leap and choose truck driving as your next career.

Benefits of a Trucking Career

There are many great benefits to a trucking career that should be considered when you’re answering the question of whether it’s the right job for you.

  • No college necessary.
  • CDL school can be sponsored.
  • CDL school only takes around a year to complete.
  • Opportunities for career advancement.
  • See the country, especially if you’re a long-haul trucker.
  • No micro-management.
  • Personal freedom.
  • Comfortable starting pay in most cases.
  • Meet a lot of interesting people.
  • Job security.

Ultimately, trucking is a field in need, so it’s easy to find and keep a job. It offers freedom and self-management for independent personalities that need room to breathe. It offers a lot of cool experiences and is a great option for anyone that enjoys meeting new people and making friends wherever they go.

Drawbacks of a Trucking Career

While there are many benefits to trucking, there are also some drawbacks that might be a deal-breaker, depending on your situation.

  • Work hours can be unpredictable.
  • Time away from loved ones.
  • Independent personality is the best fit.
  • Drive in any and all weather conditions.
  • Unpredictable workdays (accidents, breakdowns, etc.).
  • Long hours on the road.
  • Other drivers.
  • CDL training is necessary to get started.

In some ways, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, but those with young children or disabled or aging family members may find the prospect of trucking a bit more difficult to accept due to the long and unpredictable hours. This also may go without saying, but those who dislike driving probably won’t do well as truckers. Other drivers can be aggressive around trucks, anxious to get around them, requiring truckers to be more thoughtful and safety-minded. The necessary training can also be a drawback, depending on your circumstances.

The Verdict

Trucking is a very rewarding career for the right person, but it’s not necessarily a good fit for everyone. With the current shortage of truckers, however, it’s a good time to consider taking the leap and becoming a truck driver if you think this career path is right for you. Obtaining your CDL license can be made easier through company sponsorship, and it’s a great time to get enrolled while everyone is looking for ambitious new talent to help ease the burden and keep our goods moving, so they get where they need to go.


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