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Truck Fleet Maintenance Tips: Getting the most out of your Tires

As any fleet manager knows, tires represent the number one maintenance cost for truck fleets. But what really makes tire maintenance such a burden for fleet managers is the fact that it is so reliant on outside factors, such as driver attention.

Pressure Systems International (PSI) executive vice president Frank Sonzala noted these  reasons for poor tire maintenance:

  • 58% of drivers don’t pay attention
  • 52% of drivers don’t think it’s their job
  • 42% of drivers lack motivation
  • 32% of drivers lack education about tire maintenance

Reasons for improper inflation pressure:

  • Takes too long to check.
  • It’s a dirty task.
  • Inside duals difficult to reach.
  • Inflation gauges are inaccurate.
  • Lose valve caps after pressure checks.
  • Valve cores stick in the cold and lose air.

Middleton & Meads Fleet Management

Monitoring a fleet of trucks can be a difficult task, while you are running your business. That’s why Middleton & Meads offers a state of the art Fleet Management System to help maintain your fleet. Allow Middleton & Meads to customize a plan – from cost reports to scheduling notifications – to minimize costly breakdowns.

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