Trucking Industry News: CDL Holders Provide Proof of Medical Certification

As of January 30, 2012, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is requiring medical certification (Med Cert) status and the information contained on the medical examiner’s certificate (DOT card) to be included in the driving records of Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holders. So what does this mean for CDL holders?

• CDL applicants will be required to certify which of the four types of commercial driving (commerce) they will be performing.

• CDL holders operating in interstate commerce, and subject to medical eligibility requirements, will be required to provide a copy of each new Med Cert document to the MVA prior to the expiration of their current documentation. Drivers in other categories may also be required to provide this information to the MVA.

• All CDL holders will be required to provide the MVA with updated self-certification status and Med Cert documentation, if required, by January 30, 2014. The MVA will begin contacting CDL holders for updated Med Cert documents beginning January 30, 2012.  Failure to supply the required information or downgrade to a noncommercial license will result in cancellation of the CDL holders entire commercial and noncommercial driving privilege/license.

• CDL holders can conveniently submit their information through the mail, e-mail, or by faxing the necessary documentation. Specific details regarding this process will be included in the notices provided by the MVA. Please read the FAQ’s for more information.

You DO NOT need to submit your medical certification information to the MVA until you have been directly contacted by the Administration. However, if you visit a MVA branch office to renew or obtain a duplicate, corrected, or new CDL, you will be required to present valid Med Cert documentation at that time

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