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What is being done with the Truck Parking Shortage?

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There’s a truck parking shortage in Maryland and through out the Nation. How will the truck industry address the shortage on quality truck parking? Truck drivers want secure and convenient truck parking.

To address the issue of truck parking shortage, the Maryland Department of Transportation is collecting data to identify ways to properly address the parking shortage.

The primary parking area the Maryland Department of Transportation would like to focus on is the I-83 truck parking. This parking area stretches from I-695 Baltimore Beltway to Pennsylvania border.

To help with the data collection, you can take an online survey at . The survey has only 10 questions for carriers in the area to answer.

The Federal Highway Administration and The American Trucking Associations are partnering to collect the survey data related to the parking shortage.

One survey is geared to motor carriers, known as the Trucking Industry Professionals. The other survey is directed to truck drivers. The surveys were collected on April 18th. Don’t miss this great opportunity to make your input matter on something that affects the entire trucking industry. Be heard. Your voice matters.

You can also keep your trucks and drivers safe on the road by enrolling in our Road Rescue Service program. You can read about all the great benefits of Road Rescue in our article ‘ Middleton & Meads Introduces New Road Rescue Service.

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