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Youth Driving Guidelines: What you need to know to avoid problems

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. You are trying to run your company, remain profitable, and expand. And you are trying to do all of this while keeping up with industry, state, and federal regulations.

Luckily, we can help you understand the last part.

Youth Driving Guidelines

If you hire individuals under the age of 18, then you are required by law to follow the federal youth employment provisions. And trust us, there are a lot of provisions! But today, we are just going to focus on those guidelines regarding minors and driving while on the job.

  • No one under the age of 17 is permitted to drive any vehicle in the course of employment.
  • Hazardous Occupations Order No.2 (HO 2) generally prohibits minors under 18 years of age from serving as an outside helper whose work includes riding on a motor vehicle outside the cab for the purpose of assisting in transporting or delivering goods.
  • Employees who are 17 years of age or older may drive a motor vehicle below 10,001 lbs., but only if certain conditions are met. Visit for a full list of those conditions.

When state youth employment laws differ from the federal provisions, an employer must comply with the higher standard.

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