4 Essential Summer Truck Maintenance Tasks

4 Essential Summer Truck Maintenance Tasks

Keeping up with preventative maintenance is the key to keeping your truck on the road!

It’s essential to keep your truck running smoothly. Hot weather can lead to problems such as breakdowns. Issues with your tires can also trouble you, and so can other problems related to your truck if they aren’t addressed in a timely fashion. Preventative truck maintenance is the key.

Double Check the Cooling System

First things first, double-check the cooling system of your truck. This way, you can make sure that the engine won’t overheat – and you won’t either! Fill up on coolant, fluids, and check the water pump for any possible leaks. You’ve also got to inspect the caps and hoses to make sure they’re not loose, as that could cause problems as well.

Monitor Tire Pressure

Hot weather can turn the roads into an oven. The hot air can also wreck your tires. That’s why you need to monitor tire pressure before, during, and after each trip. Tire blowouts are much more common during spring and summer because the air in your tires expands in response to the heat outside. Double-check the pressure if your truck has been parked for several hours while you are resting at a truck stop.

Inspect the Battery

You also don’t want the battery to go bust when you need it most. That’s why it’s vital to get the battery inspected. The regular trucker might not know what is wrong with their engine, but that’s why you have the pros at Middleton and Meads on your side! The battery needs to be inspected and charged on a regular basis – so set a reminder on your phone’s calendar app to help you remember!

Make Sure Brakes Work

Faulty brakes can fail at the worst possible time. That’s why you need to make sure that they are working normally. If you don’t take care of your brakes, then they won’t take care of you. Plus, it’s much harder for a truck to stop suddenly than it is for a regular passenger vehicle. Traffic is bound to be busier now that states are starting to open up again. Drive defensively and proceed with caution!


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