Distracted Driving: Staying Out of Truck Accidents

Take a minute to think about the last time you had a fender-bender or someone rear-ended you. Then think about how you felt when the other person who caused the accident tried to run away scene without stopping to exchange insurance information. While that is annoying, you wouldn’t think anything of it being dangerous. At least not at first. However, distracted driving while behind the wheel of a rig can turn out much worse.

Distracted Driving: Staying Out Truck of Accidents
However, distracted driving while behind the wheel of a rig can turn out much worse.

Why They Happen

Even short-distance trips can be frightening for inexperienced drivers. However, controlling a cargo truck is a much different experience than driving a regular passenger car. One unfortunate reality is that not every driver you meet is careful and considerate. Everyone is taught to drive as defensively as possible, but reckless drivers give everyone a bad name. Every time an accident happens, it is not automatically a driver’s fault. That’s why even experienced truck drivers need to pay attention to the road. Falling asleep or being otherwise distracted can be a danger to everybody. Turning or changing lanes can be much more challenging in these vehicles. That’s why it’s so important to exercise more caution. 

How Technology Makes A Difference

When it comes to your job as a trucker, technology can be your best friend. The difference that it makes in keeping you safer cannot be ignored. GPS systems can help you find your way, but there are ways to be smart about it. Set up your route tracker before you start moving and when you find somewhere safe to stop and pull over. You are not a machine, so be sure to get some rest when you need it. Longer trips across the country, and even a few states away, can be exhausting. Heat exhaustion can cause you to become fatigued much more quickly. Staying alert is one of the best ways to avoid any accidents that can happen.  

Traffic can be a nightmare no matter where you go. Use smartphone apps and the CB radio to keep in touch with dispatchers and other truckers to steer clear of slowdowns, jams, gridlock, and rubbernecking.

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