Healthy Foods You Can Stock in Your Truck

Healthy Food to Stock in Your Truck

A healthy lifestyle can be tough to maintain when on the road. Here are some healthy foods you can keep in your truck!

When you’re always on the road, it can be difficult to eat healthily or make changes to your diet. Luckily, there are several ways to cook on the road that allow you to make healthier choices. Keeping appliances in your truck like a rice cooker, pressure cooker, portable grill, or portable blender will make it easy to cook a variety of your own meals with minimal ingredients to keep it healthy, and homemade while on the road. Using these appliances, you can turn simple ingredients into nutritious meals that will promote a healthier lifestyle. Here are just a few foods that you should keep in your truck to make healthy meals and snacks.

Dry Grains

Stocking a hearty dry grain like rice or quinoa in your truck can help you to build healthy, filling meals. Using a portable rice cooker, you can make any number of dishes using a grain like rice, right on the road. Additionally, something like rice is a fairly inexpensive grain, which will help you to make filling, balanced meals without breaking the bank. If you don’t have the time, or the rice cooker, you can get some quick-cook rice and cook it in the microwave at your next stop.

Canned Beans

An easy, inexpensive way to add protein and fiber to your diet without lugging around a refrigerator full of lean meats, is to stock canned beans in your truck. Beans provide a great source of protein and healthy fats and make a great addition to soups, salads, burritos, and more. This versatile food can be cooked with rice, or just heated up and seasoned by itself, making it a great option for anyone on the road looking to stock up on healthy food.

Fruits and Vegetables

Luckily, most fresh fruits and vegetables don’t actually need to be refrigerated, so you can also keep them fresh with you over the course of several days. Keeping fruits and vegetables around will help encourage you to reach for a healthier snack on the road.


Plain, dry oats can make a great breakfast or snack for anyone working on the road. Keeping them plain will help you control the amount of sugar and fat you’re consuming. Oats go great with some fresh (or frozen) fruit, cinnamon, raisins, yogurt and more. Choose oats for a healthier breakfast food, and customize them any way you want.

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