How to Save Fuel

How to Save Fuel

All drivers should know how to conserve their fuel supply, but for truckers who pilot semi-trailers, it can be even more important.

Always top off your gas tank. You might not know when the next depot or station is, especially if you are in a new town that you’ve never visited before. All drivers should know how to conserve their fuel supply, but for truckers who pilot semi-trailers, it can be even more important. Here is why that is the case. 

Avoid Going Over Capacity 

The more fuel you have, the longer you can go without stopping to get more. A full tank or even a half tank can get you plenty of places. Even so, consider the significance of fuel capacity. Going over the limit can be a bad thing that will lead to worse circumstances. Gas gets hot, and it will expand and flow and shift and move the longer your engine runs. Don’t waste gas and cause leaks and spills that can present hazards to drivers and pedestrians around you. Also, too much weight can hold you back and keep you from reaching higher speeds. You don’t want to be too heavy when approaching an overpass, an underpass, or a bridge swaying in high winds, either!

Be Careful When Braking

You will need to slam on the brakes. We understand. However, make that a once-in-a-while occurrence. Many trucks, especially those meant for commercial shipping, are equipped with air brakes. These devices may need longer to halt the vehicle. Get to know the truck you’ll be driving. It’s good advice for newcomers and old hands who are getting a replacement truck after their old truck has gone to be recycled into other metal components.

Keep to a Reasonable Speed 

When you’re out on the road, speeding is a huge temptation. Ignore that impulse. Your truck can’t move as fast as you want it to, plus, cargo is heavy and you don’t want to tip over. Keep to a reasonably safe speed no matter where you go. Speed limits, merge lanes, and turn lanes are all there for your protection. Going around cliffs is dangerous enough without the speed force in play. Speeding up uses more fuel, and that might mean your tank runs short sooner than you can plan for it. 


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