How to Save Your Fuel

How to Save Your Fuel
Knowing how to conserve fuel can take you far in your trucking career!

Like all vehicles, your truck can’t run without the right type of fuel. Contrary to popular belief, not all trucks depend on diesel fuel. Plus, you won’t always be able to find a truck stop or gas station when you need one. So that means you need to know how to conserve your reserves.

Be More Careful

One good piece of advice is to be more careful out there. No matter how careful you are now, you can never predict what other drivers are going to do. When you are hauling precious cargo, you need to be sure that you won’t accidentally cause any accidents. Go at a reasonable speed, but don’t put the pedal to the metal. Getting a good tailwind might seem sensible if you are behind on your delivery deadline, but it is a reckless temptation to give into; when you speed up, you actually use more gas than you might think.

Watch Traffic Patterns

The next thing you need to do is keep an eye on traffic patterns. If you use a smartphone to help you navigate from one stop to the next, then you can get an accurate forecast of what traffic conditions are like on the route ahead. You might have to adjust where you’re going, how fast you’re going, and call out for assistance if you get stuck. Most of the time, traffic will slow to a crawl because of roadworks, closures, bad weather, and other factors outside of your control.

Balance Oil Needs

You must also watch how much oil you have left. An oil change is necessary for keeping your truck running at maximum efficiency. Be sure to use the right motor oil. The wrong kind could clog your engine and make it work harder than it needs to; this would be bad news for you and every truck in your fleet.

Take Care 

Whenever your truck needs maintenance, don’t put it off. Tire pressure can affect your gas mileage, as can the drive alignment needing to be fixed. Get rid of fuel injectors that are past their prime and need to be replaced anyway. Finding a trustworthy mechanic can help you deal with all of these issues before they become nightmares.

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