Maximizing Your Diesel Fuel

Maximizing Your Diesel Fuel

Saving fuel on your next trip will also save you plenty of headaches.

Saving fuel on your next trip will also save you plenty of headaches. You’re on a schedule and stopping frequently to re-fuel can mess with your delivery time. Plus, frequent re-fueling can get pretty expensive. Here are some handy tips for conserving fuel.

Be Responsible

No matter what size truck you drive, you’ve got to be responsible every time you’re out on the road. Other drivers won’t be as considerate, so you need to keep yourself safe. Follow the speed limit as often as you can. When you speed up, you start to use more fuel than if you went more slowly. That said, you want to maintain a reasonable speed – driving too slowly can be just as dangerous as going too fast, especially around sharp turns. Don’t idle your truck, which can eat up unnecessary amounts of fuel. Be sure to turn the engine off every time you get out of the cab, and try using cruise control sometimes, since this can also help you save some gas.

Observe Traffic Patterns

Next, observe the traffic patterns. Stop and go traffic can guzzle more gas than you expect. So getting stuck in it will make you use a lot more than normal. Slowing down and stopping at the right times will make a difference, though. Before your next cargo haul, take a minute to look at the gear shift on your truck. If it’s manual, you’re in luck. That’s because you won’t need to keep shifting gears all the time, which also helps you conserve fuel. Avoid stomping on the brake unless you have to because this tactic also burns too much fuel.

Track Oil Levels

Keep an eye on the oil levels in your truck. Like any vehicle on the road, it will require occasional oil changes. Be sure to use the right type of oil, because when you do, you can increase your overall gas mileage. Make sure you top off your diesel fuel tank before getting on the road; the more gas you have, the farther you can go.


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