Myths about Diesel Engines

Myths about Diesel Engines
Over the years, some myths have been developed about diesel engines.

The diesel engines used in commercial trucks are very different from the engines used in regular passenger vehicles in many ways. They require different maintenance and run very differently.  Over the years, some myths have been developed about diesel engines. Here are just a few examples of those and why they are wrong.

Checking the Temperature

In a regular gasoline vehicle, checking the coolant temperature will tell you whether the engine is warmed up or not. In a diesel engine, however, this is not necessarily true. Diesel engines were designed to carry immensely heavy loads, and they are very different from the engines used in regular vehicles. So, if the coolant in your truck is warm, that doesn’t always mean that your engine is as well.

Extended Idle Time

Idling for extended periods of time is particularly common in the winter time, when temperatures are particularly low. This is mostly because many truckers believe that it will keep the fuel from getting too cold. While it doesn’t use a whole lot of fuel, the fuel that is used can’t combust properly while the truck is idling. This increases wear and tear on the engine and increases pollutants in the air unnecessarily. If you need to stop for a while, just turn off the engine.

RPM and Engine Longevity

It is widely believed that most of the “wear and tear” on diesel engines is a result of the high revolutions per minute (RPM) rate. But the reality is that the majority of the normal wear and tear happens when the engine is started up and not allowed to warm up properly. When a diesel engine is started, it needs a minute to warm up to allow the oil to flow freely. Otherwise, you could end up causing unnecessary damage over time.

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